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Wednesday, May 3

Get together

Ludovika, the Main Building of NUPS, Ludovika tér 2, Budapest

Thursday, May 4

Session 1.0
Welcome & Keynote
András Nemeslaki
09:30 - 10:00 | Ludovika Assembly Hall
Welcome Addresses
András Patyi
Rector National University of Public Service, Budapest
Hendrik Hansen
Andrássy University, Budapest
Wolfgang Ernst
Rector University of Public Administration and Finance, Ludwigsburg
10:00 - 10:45 | Ludovika Assembly Hall
Keynote session
Wolfgang Gerstl
Member of the Austrian Parliament
Dušan Stojanovic
Director for eGovernment, Ministry for Public Administration and Local Self Government, Serbia
10:45 - 11:00 | Ludovika Lounge
Coffee break
11:00 - 12:30
Session 2.1-2.4
Session 2.1
eGovernment and Society I
Roland Traunmüller
IV. auditorium
European Union Digital Single Market – Get Connected or Still a Vision from the Slovak Republic Perspective?
Silvia Rucinská, Miroslav Fecko
Electronic services with impact on quality of life – a survey of usage and attitudes of north-western croatian
Nikolina Žajdela Hrustek, Diana Šimic, Neven Vrcek
A New Revolution: Data Revolution (the first steps of Moldova)
Igor Cojocaru, Ion Cosuleanu, Anastasia Stefanita, Irina Cojocaru, Costel Todor
Session 2.2
Digital Divide I
Adriana Zait
V. auditorium
To have, or not to have: that is not the question!
Hiroko Kudo
Economic effects of the Digital Divide on Pensioners in Germany Regarding Retail Banking Services
Oliver Sievering
Digital divide in the EU Countries from the Danube Region
Sorin Dan Sandor
Session 2.3
eDemocracy I
Johannes Pichler
VI. auditorium
Limitations of the e-participation
Uroš Pinteric
The difference of the impact between face to face communication compared to political debates in cyber space
Hajnalka Szarvas, Tamás Mezö
Clustering of Textual Inputs in Large eParticipation Projects
Alexander Prosser, Cyril Velikanov
Session 2.4
Privacy and Data Protection
Dona Scola
VII. auditorium
E-Government, transparency and personal data protection. A new analysis’ approach to an old juridical issue
Annarita Ricci
The Legend of Information Security
Zoltán Som, Tamás Szádeczky
Systematic Review on Process Mining and Security
Robert Kelemen
12:30 - 13:30 | Ludovika Lounge
Lunch break (buffet)
13:30 - 15:00 | Ludovika
Session 3.1 - 3.4
Session 3.1
eGovernment and Society II
Nikolina Žajdela Hrustek
IV. auditorium
Discussion on information society building issues platform – Study case “discus” project, Moldova
Ion Cosuleanu , Anastasia Stefanita
The role of internet and social media in recruitment in certain Islamic terrorist organizations. Cases of Al Qaeda and ISIS
Ruslana Grosu, Vasile Bubuioc
ICT impact on development of knowledge economy in Ukraine and Republic of Moldova
Anastasia Stefanita, Larysa Emelyanenko, Tetiana Shkoda
Session 3.2
Digital Divide II
Hiroko Kudo
VI. auditorium
How is technology changing the world landscape? A view over the European continent
Catalin Vrabie, Andreea-Maria Tirziu
Civic engagement in a digital time – Is there a divide in terms of social civic behavior?
Adriana Zait, Andreia Gabriela Andrei, Iona Alexandra Horodnic
Openness in Higher Education
Tatiana Chiriac
Session 3.3
Transparency I
Catherine Odorige
VII. auditorium
The Role of Information Instruments in Ensuring Transparency in Scientific Researches – The Case of the Republic of Moldova
Ion Holban, Gheorghe Cuciureanu, Vitalie Minciuna
Content analysis of new means of communication in contemporary democratic states
Mihaela Rusu
Corruption in the extractive industry sector reinventing trusted governance “Iraqi Case”
Paiman Ahmad
Session 3.4
Workshop on Hate Speech: Dealing with Hate Speech in the Danube Region
Hendrik Hansen, Dirk Roggenkamp
V. auditorium
Former Vice President of the Parliamentary Assembly Macedonia
Jani Makraduli
Baker & Mckenzie Attorneys, Budapest
Ádám Liber
Senior Advisor Centre for Economics and Public Administration, London
Christine Leitner
Provincial Secretary for education, regulations, administration and national minorities, Serbia
Mihalj Njilas
15:00 - 15:30 | Ludovika Lounge
Coffee break
15:30 - 17:00 | Ludovika
Sessions 4.1 – 4.3
Session 4.1
Open Data
Arne Pautsch
IV. auditorium
Open legislative data: From Ukrainian perspective
Nadiia Babynska
Open Access Policy to Research Outputs in the Republic of Moldova. State of the Art and Perspectives
Nelly Turcan, Rodica Cujba
Securitizing the Internet: The Case of Turkey
Helin A. Gessler
Session 4.2
Transparency II
Uroš Pinteric
VI. auditorium
The Limits of Transparency in Administrative Proceedings – The Hungarian Approach
Gergely László Szöke
E -Governance and the Nigerian Tax Administrative System
Catherine Odorige
Internet accessibility and the ambivalence of transparency
Jörg Dürrschmidt
Session 4.3
Workshop on Hate Speech: The German Law against Hate-Speech and the European Perspective
Hendrik Hansen, Dirk Roggenkamp
V. auditorium
Former member of the cabinet of the EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society
Martin Übelhör
Google Germany
Carola Rienth
Bird&Bird Law Association, Berlin, Co-founder of Telemedicus
Simon Assion
17:00 - 18:30
Break - Change of location
18:30 - 20:00 | AUB
Is the new digital divide about technology or about civic skills?
Panel discussion
Ronald Bieber
General Secretary of the Austrian Computer Society
Dona Scola
Member of The United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration, former Dep. Minister for Information Technology and Communications, Moldova
Dušan Stojanovic
Director for eGovernment, Ministry for Public Administration and Local Self Government, Serbia
Martin Übelhör
European Commission, former member of the cabinet of the EU commissioner for Digital Economy and Society
Jani Makraduli
Former Vice President of the Parliamentary Assembly Macedonia
20:00 | AUB

Friday, May 5

09:30 - 11:00 | Ludovika
Sessions 5.1 - 5.3
Session 5.1
eGovernment I
Ruslana Grosu
IV. auditorium
e-Government Services in Moldova: Value and Opportunities
Mihai Grecu, Ilie Costas, Artur Reaboi
Digital Governance: Research Design of a Comprehensive Research Program to Analyse ICT Driven Transformation
András Nemeslaki
E-Cohesion Maturity: How to Measure the efficiency of digital Cohesion Policy
Tamás Laposa
Session 5.2
Information Security
Balazs Kőnig
V. auditorium
Methodology and algorithm of information security risk management for local infrastructure
Bulai Rodica, Ciorbă Dumitru, Poștaru Andrei, Rostislav Călin
Individual awareness of cyber-security vulnerability – Citizen and public servant
Krisztina Győrffy, Ferenc Leitold and Anthony Arrott
Distributed vulnerability assessment applied to measuring citizen cyberhealth and securing online public services
Hadarics Kalman, Ferenc Leitold, Anthony Arrott
Session 5.3
Student Workshop I: eGovernment: Improving communication and efficiency of public administration
Hendrik Hansen, András Nemeslaki, Arne Pautsch
VI. auditorium
The role of urban living labs in a smart city. The example of the Smart City Vienna
Viktória Gábor, Borbála Kempelen
Analysis of Online-Services of German Municipalities
Steffen Mingenbach
Critical success factors of e-government strategies. The case of the state of Berlin
Johanna Stendal
Communication in the Internet – Basics, Issues and Remedies
Bastian Lorenz
11:00 - 11:30 | Ludovika Lounge
Coffee break
11:30 - 13:00 | Ludovika
Sessions 6.1 to 6.3
Session 6.1
eGovernment II
Anastasia Stefanita
IV. auditorium
How to succeed with digital transformation projects in public sector with focus on municipalities
Odd Ruud
E-Cohesion: E-Solutions in the Implementation of Combined Financial Instruments
Györgyi Nyikos, Szilvia Hajdu, Tamás Laposa
Session 6.2
Identity Management
Zoltán Som
V. auditorium
May the advanced biometric electronic signature be applicable in public administration?
Sándor P. Bartók, Péter Máté Erdősi
eIdentification – Renewable Regulated Electronic Administration Services
Anna Orbán, Annamária Beláz
Practical analysis of German and Hungarian eID solutions Focus topic: Identity management for individuals
Tamás Szadeczky
Session 6.3
Student Workshop II: eDemocracy - Connecting People, Politicians, Parliament and Administration
Hendrik Hansen, András Nemeslaki, Arne Pautsch
VI. auditorium
The role of information technology in the U.S. presidential elections 2016
Nikolett Juhász, Melinda Maszlag
Digitalization of the Hungarian parliamentary legislation procedure
Anna Erna Lövei
Fundamental rights in the digital era
Katrin Leichtenstern, Krisztina Takács
Political communication in the digital era: comparative analyses of politician's activities in social media
Kitti Ármai, Aliz Maletics
The possible advantages of the implementation of the e-Estonia system into the Central-European public administration
Alex Czibulka
13:00 - 14:00 | Ludovika Lounge
Lunch break (buffet)
14:00 - 15:30 | Ludovika
Sessions 7.1 to 7.4
Session 7.1
eGovernment III
Oliver Sievering
IV. auditorium
Challenges for implementing open educational resources by teachers in higher education
Roza Dumbraveanu
Options and possibilities of using biometrical identification systems in case of disasters in Hungary – In the light of privacy versus security
Miklós Polgár
An evaluation of an implementation of electronic document management in the Ostalb-county of Baden-Württemberg
Dana-Maria Pahnke, Balázs Kőnig, Robert Müller-Török
Session 7.2
eGovernment and Society III
Hendrik Hansen
V. auditorium
Living labs – instruments of social innovation in rural areas
Andreea-Maria Tirziu, Catalin Vrabie
The best practices of online presidential communication in democratic states Romania, Republic of Moldova and Russian Federation
Liliana Rusu
E-government Services in Romanian Cities: A Look from the Inside
Nicolae Urs
Session 7.3
eDemocracy II
Dona Scola
VI. auditorium
Voting advice applications in Hungary. Vokskabin in the multi-election year 2014 and beyond
Melani Barlai
E-petitioning in environmental matters in Romania: Is it an effective environmental governance tool?
Raluca Suciu
Factors Influencing Declining Voter Turnout – A Case Study in Neu-Ulm
Anton Bullinger, Alexander Prosser, Birgit Schenk
Session 7.4
Workshop on Mobile Government
András Nemeslaki
VII. auditorium
eGovernment vs. mGovernment
Roland Traunmüller
Contactless and electronic Tickets - A feasible option to improve the German Public Transport Systems
Edith Brietzke
15:30 - 16:00 | Ludovika Lounge
Coffee break
16:00 - 16:30 | Ludovika Assembly Hall
Closing session
Arne Pautsch
Best Paper Awards

Closing Remarks
CEE e|Dem and e|Gov Days 2018
presented by Matthias Holzner, State Ministry Baden-Württemberg

Hendrik Hansen
Robert Müller-Török András Nemeslaki Johannes W. Pichler
Alexander Prosser
Dona Scola