CDDG Workshop eDem and eGov

7 and 8 May 2015

The workshop is organised by the European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG) 
Workshop Organiser: Alexander Balthasar, Head of the Institute for State Organisation and Administrative Reform

Final Programme (pdf)


The aim of the workshop is to gain a general and reliable survey on the current state of use of electronic tools in the context of citizens’ participation in public affairs (on national, regional and local level, in the context of e-democracy as well as in that of e-government). In particular, we welcome contributions related to the following topics:


  • eAccountability
  • eConsultation in the legislative process
  • eDeliberation in the legislative process
  • eDemocracy as a means of involving young people
  • eParticipation in decision-making on the local and regional level
  • eParticipation and the digital divide
  • eParticipation for migrants and minority groups
  • ePetitions and eQuestions
  • eTools to help establish a European public space
  • eTransparency and identification of special interests
  • Freedom of information
  • Internet in political campaigns
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Participation of citizens abroad
  • Pitfalls and dangers, limits of eParticipation
  • Political education and citizen participation
  • Smart cities and citizen participation
  • The role of social networks and platforms (Twitter, youtube, etc.) in fostering citizen participation
  • The role of the internet in revolutions and in transition processes
  • Virtual participation by new media
  • Virtual Town Hall


  • Accessibility for persons with special needs
  • Business process reengineering in public sector applications
  • Change and risk management in public sector applications
  • Citizen involvement in administrative design
  • Citizen participation in administrative procedures
  • Cloud computing · Collaboration support systems and electronic file
  • Cross-border initiatives
  • Cyber security
  • Data analysis and Big Data in public sector applications
  • Data protection and privacy in the public sector
  • Digitized libraries and cultural heritage
  • E-government enterprise architectures
  • Electronic identity
  • Electronic signature and citizen card
  • eWhistleblowing
  • Geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Governance in cyberspace
  • Interoperability
  • Mobile government services
  • Open data and Public Sector Information (PSI)
  • Open source for e-government
  • Personalization and recommender systems in public sector applications
  • Regulatory framework
  • User acceptance measurement and user interfaces


This workshop will take place on 7 and 8 May 2015 in Budapest (Hungary) at the Ludovika Campus (Main Building) of the National University of Public Service Budapest (NUPS), Ludovika tér 2, 1083 Budapest.
At the same time and at the same premises will be held the Central and Eastern European e|Dem and e|Gov Days 2015, coorganized by, among others, the National University of Public Service Budapest (NUPS), the Andrássy University Budapest (AUB), the University of Public Administration and Finance Ludwigsburg (Germany), the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) and the Institute for State Organisation and Administrative Reform (based within the Austrian Federal Chancellery).
Hence, it is to be expected that CDDG presentations will also be of interest for academia, while, on the other hand, members of the CDDG workshop are also welcome to have a look on the presentations made in the framework of the conference or to attend the panel discussion on 7 May, evening, at Andrássy University.